Application - Security system

After optical analysis, the lens projects the laser source from a few meters to several kilometers. The light divergence angle can be concentrated from 20 degrees to120 degrees large angle. Greatly improve the laser light source and improve performance in security systems. 

Product - Fixed focus camera module

PLCC Package  Sensor Cap


  • Size:M3 ~ M7
  • Concentricity:0.002 (mm)


  • Size:4.5 x 4.5 ~ 12 x 12 (mm)
  • Pitch:0.18mm (min)


  • Size:6 x 6 , 8 x 8 , 10 x 10 (mm)
  • High temperature process (reflowed)

Used in CMOS image camera modules, used in computer front lens and flat fixed lens

Product –Auto focus camera module

VCM Holder

  • Size:6.5 x 6.5 , 8.5 x 8.5 , 10 x 10 (mm)
  • High temperature process (reflowed)

Panelization Design

  • Size:50 x 50 x 0.3 (mm)
  • High temperature process (reflowed)
  • Increase production efficiency

Used in CMOS image camera module, used in mobile phones, auto focus function with VCM (voice coil motor)

Nonlinear ultra-precision mold processing and Mold making.

XY Polynomial Curve

3D Free form surface processing example

  • Material : DC53 60HRC
  • Surface roughness Ra < 0.02 um
  • Size accuracy < 0.1um

Product –Flash cover

A photoflash module lens used on a mobile phone or tablet that spreads light evenly over a pre-shot and changes its light pattern in optical design. Surface roughness up to Ra 0.01um

Product –Tiinlab Headphone cover

The product is imported into the well-known brand Tiinlab headset appearance product.

Product –TV & Car LENS

Provide complete optical design and analysis services, improve the light uniformity and angle of the optical lens in the direct-lit backlight module, reduce the number of LEDs used, and greatly demonstrate the benefits of optical design.

TV Lens

TV Lens-OD28


Provide professional optical simulation analysis precision mold development, practical products used in high-standard LED automotive headlights.

Fingerprint identification Prism

Solar application

Security monitoring optical cover

Security monitoring optical cover

Product –High-precision medical inspection products

Medical inspection packaging products, appealing to product accuracy specifications 0.01mm, flatness and cavity gas flow control.

Product –Laser optical lens

Laser optical lenses are used in surface-emitting laser monitors, driving recorders, long-range infrared lasers for nighttime vehicles, body sensors, industrial lasers, medical lasers, laboratory lasers, and thunder. Full image, gas laser, fiber laser

Laser Lens 45°

Laser Lens 30°

Laser Lens 95°

Laser Lens 60°

Camera Module

Image module Insert Injection molding capability:

(CMOS Sensor Insert Molding)

4.5  x 4.5 x 2.5 mm

Car lighting module

Infrared light Cover Lens

Laser ranging focus scheme

Small and smart

  • The smallest laser ranging module on the market
  • Accurate distance measurement

    Measurement range
    The first generation of products can be 40cm
    The second generation of products can be 200cm


Integrating high-quality optical lenses, penetration, haze and surface flatness, leading the industry

Use I²C interface control and data access

Connect 4pin to start, the calibration is completed, provide the reading result directly

Infrared 3D sensing