The application of Hornix products including:Car lighting system (lights / interior lighting / atmosphere lights / welcome lights, etc.) / E-sports product lighting design / Infrared light sensing identification system (IRIS / Face / 3D) / Automatic sensing system for Medical lighting

Hornix has professional optical and mechanical design capabilities, we can provide the corresponding optical simulation according to the customer’s demand for laser light type, , then use the super finishing equipment to make the mold. Using the high stability injection machine to make plastic injection molding and module assembly, provide customers a complete total solution service.

Precision Plastic Mold

  • Own extensive experience in mold making and design capabilities.
  • Confirms mold structure design by Mold flow analysis.
  • Mold opening technology improves stability.
  • The soft tooling mold can be maked in a two-week schedule, provide customers with a quick sample service.

Professional Optical Simulation Analysis

  • Light laser has high collimation and the lens light threshold is upgrade. The development of lens technology has greatly improved product development efficiency and product practical functionality.

Nonlinear Ultra-precision Machining Technology

  • For kinds of Fresnel, convex and concave surfaces, nanostructures and ultra-hard materials processing can meet the requirements of optical mirrors.

  • Tiny dimensional accuracy X/Y/Z : 0.1 μm

  • Large workpiece machining X/Y/Z : 30 cm / 30 cm / 10 cm

  • Minimum angular accuracy of 0.01 degrees

  • Repeat positioning accuracy X/Y/Z : ±0.5 μm

By continually developing innovative technologies and module integration

By continually developing innovative technologies and module integration, but also to the body and the nonlinear optical technology ultra-precision machining, can be applied to a wide scope, such as smartphones. Tablet PC. Portable NB and other mobile devices .