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About Hornix

Hornix is a company that provide the design/proofing/production solution.

The application of Hornix products including:Car lighting system (lights / interior lighting / atmosphere lights / welcome lights, etc.) / E-sports product lighting design / Infrared light sensing identification system (IRIS / Face / 3D) / Automatic sensing system for Medical lighting


  • Hornix team develops advanced materials and processes, help customers keep ahead around the industry


  • Honrnix provide complete solutions to help customers streamline and ensure product design


  • The design experience of Hornix can provide customers comprehensive design, support and consulting
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2006 Apr
Hornix Optical Tech Established
2006 Apr
"Mobile phone camera module filter"Patent applied
2007 May
Auto production for VCM ready
2007 Jul
"Lens module manufacturing device"Patent applied
2007 Oct
"Miniature image capture module with card
structure"Patent Applied
2008 Apr
ISO9001 Certificated
2010 Dec
Ultra Precision Process Department Established
2011 Jun
Sing Wu Headquarter Set Up
2013 May
ISO13485 Certificated
2014 Apr
creat a laboratory.
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The Future


  • Optical precision mold
  • Precision plastic micro Injection
  • LED Insert Injection Molding
  • LVAF Auto focus module
  • Nonlinear ultra-precision machining
  • VCM parts open mold injection


  • LDS Composite Process
  • Lamp module Design and manufacture
  • Biomedical related foundry
  • Silicone Insert Molding Development
  • Infrared sensing module design and manufacture
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